The Meanings of Māori Jewellery Symbology

The Meanings of Māori Jewellery Symbology

Māori jewellery, rich in symbolism, connects deeply with the spiritual and cultural heritage of Aotearoa (New Zealand). 

Here, we explore four primary symbols - Koru, Pikorua (Twist), Hei Matau (Fish Hook), and Manaia, each carrying unique spiritual meanings and ideal for different gifting occasions.

Koru: Symbolising Peace and Positive Change

Gifting Occasions: New Beginnings and Personal Growth

  • Ideal for new babies, representing the commencement of life.
  • Perfect for graduates or those starting new endeavours, symbolizing growth and renewal.
  • A poignant emblem for anyone experiencing significant life changes.

Pikorua (Twist): Representing Eternal Friendship and Love

Gifting Occasions: Celebrating Enduring Bonds

  • Suitable as a gift between close friends, embodying unbreakable friendship.
  • Perfect for anniversaries and weddings, symbolizing eternal love and intertwined destinies.
  • A meaningful present for partners, expressing resilience and deep connection.

Hei Matau (Fish Hook): Bringing Good Luck and Prosperity

Gifting Occasions: Safe Travels and Adventurous Spirits

  • A favourite for those connected to the sea, like fishers, surfers, and divers.
  • Ideal for travellers and adventurers, wishing safety and fortune in their journeys.
  • Suitable for anyone seeking protection and prosperity in new ventures.

Manaia: The Guardian and Protector

Gifting Occasions: Protection and Guidance

  • An excellent choice for someone facing challenges or embarking on risky ventures.
  • Appropriate for new homeowners or families, as a symbol of protection over the household.
  • A thoughtful gift for those seeking spiritual guidance and safeguarding.

Each piece of Māori jewellery, with its rich spiritual connotations, offers more than aesthetic beauty. They carry blessings, stories, and teachings from Māori ancestry, making them meaningful gifts for various life moments. From celebrating new life with the Koru to affirming unbreakable bonds with Pikorua, or ensuring safety with Hei Matau, these symbols are tokens of love, luck, and protection. Embracing these symbols means partaking in a cultural legacy filled with history, strength, and continuity.

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