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Experience the Richness of Māori Culture through Art!

Let your creativity flow with the Kids 3D Printing Pen and Māori Stencil Bundle! 

  • Walking Robot Kit

    Combines the fun of 3D printing with basic robotics, providing an engaging way to learn

  • 4 x A4 Maori design stencils

    Introduces children to the rich heritage of Māori culture through traditional designs

  • Kids 3D Printing Pen

    Enhances fine motor skills through the manipulation of the pen and creation of 3D objects.

  • Assorted Filament

    Kids can experiment with different colours and effects, learning about design and colour in the process


What age group is the Kids 3D Printing Pen suitable for?

The Kids 3D Printing Pen is recommended for children aged 6 and above. Adult supervision is advised for younger children to ensure safe use.

Can I purchase additional filament separately?

Yes, additional filament can be purchased from various online retailers and craft stores. Make sure to buy filaments that are compatible with our 3D Printing Pen.

How do I use the Māori design stencils with the 3D pen?

Place the stencil flat on a surface, trace the design with the 3D pen, and fill in the shapes to create three-dimensional art. The stencils are designed to be easy to use and are reusable.

Is the 3D Pen easy to use for beginners?

Yes, the pen is designed with ease of use in mind. It comes with a manual that provides clear instructions and tips for beginners.

Embrace the past, design the future—order now!